Why I Create

Many of the deepest & most impactful experiences of my life have been prompted by encounters with beauty.

Let me give you a few examples of these experiences:

  1. Honest conversations with God during long nighttime drives, while listening to moody music.
  2. Infinite moments performing onstage in ballets & musicals.
  3. Quiet moments spent mindfully applying paint to canvas.

Did you notice that all of these had something to do with a different medium of art? So did I. All of these have had such an impact on me that I was curious what the common factor was between all of them that had such a power to strike my heart & soul.

So, I searched. In college, I majored in Art, minored in Theology, & took many classes in Philosophy, Psychology, & Art Therapy in order to find the answer.

What I found was that through all of these disciplines, Beauty was considered something uniquely powerful, both in the experience of creating it & the experience of viewing it.

I grew to be fascinated by both of these dimensions of encountering Beauty & knew I needed to continue to be a student of it.

Sculpa Studio is the fruit of this decision.

I believe that were all given the responsibility of sculpting our lives into beautiful masterpieces, & that encountering good & true beauty can help us to do that.

Here, at my little studio, I seek to be a student of this Beauty & to create spaces for you to grow in self-knowledge & self-mastery, both through the experience of creating beauty & the experience of mindfully viewing it.

Because our unique processes of sculpting & crafting our lives are valuable, sacred spaces where we can encounter our Creator in His beauty, truth, & goodness.

I'm so honored that you're here witnessing my journey through understanding & encountering Beauty, & I hope you'll stick along. The more the merrier :)

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About the Artist

Hey! My name is Rachel Hockel & I'm so happy you're here! I'm originally from St. Louis, MO, but currently live in southern Virginia with my husband who serves in the Air Force.

When not studying or creating beauty, I love cooking chickpeas, thrifting dresses, & adventuring to new coffee shops, breweries, wineries, etc. I watch The Office a little too much but I'm kinda okay with it. I'm a huge podcast fan & will talk your ear off about my favorite ones. Oh! And I think one the most important things a girl can do for herself is learn the ins & outs of how her cycle works.

Thank you so much for encountering my work today, seriously, it means the world.

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